Tattly ever after

Lately have been getting busier and busier- yay!
Happy days at the POD studio
learning so much with the Shi – Fu !
Beautification of Brisvegas : D

& A lot of on-going freelance projects that I’ll post in the coming month!


My Pebeo pens arrived!

Here are some trial ceramic plates, need to head out and grab some more oven safe dishes!

took a while to adjust to the flow of the ink

bought a set of 5 conical flasks from Etsy for $30 – happy!
Usually at the junktiques these can easily go for $30 EACH!


finally my tattoos have arrived!


Wanted the Pantone one but too late- sold out!

grate me some cheeesseee

that’s some Whisky Business!

: D


The business cards I did for El patio arrived!
The Nacho vip card & a voucher to follow shortly…
We’re working together with local Singaporean graffiti artists
to revamp the interior of the restaurant!


say hello to my new kitty: Kit Kat!

Poor little thing just got back from the vet : )


Good old crafternoons

Totally forgot I have to finish making these!



One comment on “Tattly ever after

  1. steph says:

    Your Pebeo painted plates look great! Also, your cat- very cute! Hope it gets out of the cone soon.

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