why’s there monopoly money on the table?

The coupons for El Patio arrived in the mail last week!

My mum was like ‘why do you have such a huge stack of monopoly money lying around?”


coupons of $20, $50, and free margaritas/wine of choice!

say hallow to the beard man with lots of nachos caught in his beard. hoho

currently working on the menu & reading an amazing book on branding & identity

really enlightening, and it’s all slowly making more sense to me!

and of course, I’m trying to soak up all the words of wisdom from my Shifu at Hotpod

(who is just amazing, and extremely patient with my amateur-ness, I’m a blessed little apprentice!!!)

there’s so much to learn and so little time !


and …. I will be flying to Melb to help with a POD project & get some design training


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