Happy Hallowe’en

being a ghost is hard work

I need to work on a better shape and bigger sheets next year : )

 my new work space at home!
daddy converted the garage into a makeshift studio now
and also I guess he’s tired of my crap strewn all over the place every time I get a new
art project or freelance haha

I miss my shoes in Sydney …..

I really need to find a place to store my crap up here!

when I get more wall space I will collect more tea towels

discovered these Moomin chocolate cookies

OH SO DELICIOUS! very light and airy… and almost too cute to eat! nomnomnom

an exciting freelance project I’m working on
check out the latest food rating site Brisbane Bites!
in collaboration with my good friend Kenneth (who’s now a CSS king I believe)

oh dreamweaver you….

: )

we aim to bring a fun food guide
and introduce readers to all the lovely new cafes and restaurants that are popping up in Brisvegas!

I will be posting there (hopefully) regularly too with food reviews!


4 comments on “BOOYAH!

  1. The magic of Dreamweaver. Love that program. Also don’t worry about the ghost shape and the space your father made for you. I think it works and look nice.

  2. Those cookies are adorable!

  3. kunstkammer says:

    Oh thankyou Startingoveringermany!! (sorry I don’t know your name yet!)

    hehe yes I think it was very nice of my dad to convert the garage for me! It’ll make do until I get my own place soon!

    Thanks for stopping by and I love your blog! : )

  4. kunstkammer says:

    re: Aileen

    and they are so yummy! get some if you can : D

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