Back from Melbourne!

Last week I followed Cat to help with the Xmas installation at Chadstone
we spent a full week there – wanderlust by day, Owls in Chaddy by night
the outcome was wonderful! grand and very contemporary, different to traditional
bushy X’mas trees with bling bling balls and tinsels
will post pictures in my next post!

Things I have designed so far …

Designed a logo for Orchid King,
which they applied onto their business cards & caring guide for pet Orchids!

At first I went for a more abstract logo, but the client preferred a more clearer
interpretation of their Orchids : )

I think the logo looks quite good on their website!

(Now I really want a pet orchid…)

Things I’ve bought so far … 


a tiny enamel teapot, handmade from Bolivia

vintage jewelry handmade from USA
my friend Charlie said it reminded her of boggle!

The Wrap Paper 

A large format magazine with individual sheets that slides out to become beautiful wrapping paper!

Featuring one of my favourite illustration artist Donna Wilson – I just couldn’t resist!

Limited prints of 2000 : )

Very interesting interviews!

Things I have collected so far ….

The free condom project

developed by Third Drawer Down
SO HAPPY one of them is Shrigley!!!



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