El Patio Menu- released!

the menu I designed for El Patio is finally at the printer’s!

here’s the online version

: )

employed a lot of symbols of Mexican Icons mixed with the more hand drawn illustrations of food
which bears resemblance to the graphics found in a lot of great Mexican cookbooks!

scanned a paper bag as the background for many of the pages to add a touch of
hand crafted

wood cut style motifs inspired by Day of the Dead

The rebranding of El Patio to turn it from the cosy diner into a hip & happening joint
has been a very fun project to partake in
with lots of exciting things planned for the restaurant in the months to come
I look forward to seeing it transform into younger, fresher version of itself
whilst retaining it’s solemn dedication to providing the
best Mexican food you’d find in Singapore!


As we’re pushing closer and closer to Christmas POD studio work
and Aesop shifts have taken full reign! Hopefully I can find the time to check out the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at GOMA!


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