Travelling Wares!

Had a few hours to spare in the morning before work
so headed off to the Jan Powers market with darling I-Wen & my lover
especially to check out ….

The talented photographer Kara Rosenlund & partner Timothy
bought a caravan off gumtree, which they restored
and after (I presume) a lot of blood sweat and tears
Travelling Wares was born!

(the above flyer sourced via her website)

The cutest little trailer with a nautical feel on the inside
the lovely Kara invited us to go in and have a little sit on the bouncy cushions in her van!

oohhh… I am such a sucker for vintage nicnacs and bric a bracs


OH ~ how I wish I had the time to blog about my trip to Sydney earlier this week to see the Outpost project
& tell you all about the wonderful (ohhh just wonderful) dining experience at Cara & Co
but due to the sheer convenience I’ve just uploaded a few albums onto facebook.

Really need a properly holiday soon!!! Haven’t drawn much or had any crafternoons : – )


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