Five Sugars

Sweet Tooth-ers alert!

 5 Sugars makes me feel like I’ve stepped into a
little surreal wonderland of candies and sweets
it’s one of those places that’s bound to bring a smile to one’s face and
that children will remember going to years later!

I remember watching it set up a few months ago,
oh that beautiful driftwood bench…
I’d love one in my kitchen!

quaint and effortlessly enchanting, beautiful merchandising!
I love their palette of pistachio mint greens, chalky pink & blue

I’m a big fan of ACF cups- I had no idea they did so many colours!
on their website there doesn’t seem to be so many cute colours on offer
perhaps it was custom made : – ) I’d LOOOVEEE to collect all the colours!

bought some gingerbreads as X’mas presents : )

Tucked inside Lavish Essentials

37 Logan Rd. Woollongabba, Brisbane


breakfast du jour –  Brown Dog Breakfast, our favourite haloumi

sunny side up with burritos $10

love and I had a little discussion and we’ve come to the conclusion that Brown Dog Cafe
is probably the best breakfast place around town that’s relatively cheap

we’re big breakfast people- I’ve had friends gasp & exclaim
“WHAT? you’d spent $30 on BREAKFAST?” haha


p.s. this is old news but I still find it amusing : )

just felt like posting it after the latest episode of Two & a half men haha


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