Spice house in German, Gewurzhaus is like a modern zouk of salts and spices,
packed with freshly baked goodies, retro kitchen trinkets and utensils in vibrant colours

For the epicurious and those who have come to appreciate the finer details in life,
Gewurzhaus is the mecca to visit!

I loved the patterned tiles!

I went away with a lot of things I wanted to google about,
such as what would I do with a big slab of this :

A huge Himalayan salt block!

Apparently you’d heat up the slab and cook thin slices of meat, fish or vegetables on top
or it could be chilled and used as a serving plate for anything ranging from
cheese to sushi!
What a creative idea for restaurants!
My mouth is watering from the prospect of thin slices of wagyu beef simmering on top….

A little trivia! Himalayan salt is considered the cleanest, purest form of salt in the world,
Reaped from the Himalayan mountain range the salt is sheltered from pollution & impurities

I had no idea there were so many different types of salts!
Being quite the little oenophile I was very drawn to the vintage merlot salt … mmm .

the sacred wall of spices
how can one resist ….

 beautiful VM

I love these restaurant stamps! Some were hilarious~

every household needs a vintage scale and some apothecary inspired bottles!

Ceramic chili decoration

brnnngg brnnnnngg. cute little phone tucked next to the cashier

342 Lygon Street
Carlton Victoria 3053

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