this is concrete proof that if you smile at something
it will smile back!

finally had a day off yesterday, went wandering with my love around town!
we first hit a little breakfast joint called Pablo

price was great for what you’re getting! very fresh ingredients


then we wandered over to Black & Spiro just to feast our eyes on delicious patterns

adorable lampshades!

we stumbled upon shucked espresso !



Hearts Stitched Together

extremely cute & heart warming! with free template & tutorial!

nothing beats a handmade card!


found via 79ideas , original post by dandee

Wanderlust HK

A lot of new spots have sprouted up in HK in the past year!


an enchanting select store with my favourite creatives …
Donna Wilson … Studio Violet … N2 etc! Just to name a few
rabbit mask . I want one for hallowe’en!
chirpy chirpy chirpy
more mushrooms sprouting here n there
I … just … can’t… resist…. ceramics ….
I seriously need to start my Donna Wilson & Fornasetti plate collection
wee ~
Shouldn’t have chucked out my old wine bottles
could’ve painted them in Pantone colours and used them as display
(actually that’s not a bad idea. new project!)
cute loft!
ooo cloud lights~
N2 !!!!!!!
whimsical jewelry designer
Cat’s been to the London store, said it was spectacular and
the staff there were very warm & friendly!
really wanted that claw but it’s too heavy to bring home
irresistible ….

a retro bar in Wanchai next to the famous heritage building blue house
very GOD feel! the menu was old newspapers!

the toilet is awesome

5 Hing Wan Street Wanchai


a wonderful little shop dedicated to olive oil from Provence!
from the same owner of L’occitane comes PPP
with signature olive oil blends from different farmers,
but you can also create your own blends with their ‘olive oil fountain’!
Nacim from the store went into great lengths explaining
the different kind of olive oils and what they are best with
my favourite was obviously …truffle oil  !!


Apivita skincare

loved their adorable illustrations and the hexagonal lights!

32 years of finessing  pure bee products and botanical formulations

I tried their prickly pear last night …. smoothhhhh and hydrating!



vintage boutique with yoghurt shop

saw a Chanel briefcase that was to die for!

upstairs- boutique

downstairs – yogurt bar


haiiiyah!!!! GOD’s windows are kicking ass!




a slice of Parisian in Sheung Wan with the new Agnes B cafe

so cheap? haha

woof! big post! Happy CNY everyone!


In-cog-neato ‘coffee & deadly treadlys’

a tiny cafe & vintage shop tucked away in an inconspicuous corner near GOMA
one could easily walk past without realizing there’s a little treasure trove inside

(Fits the name purrfectly!)

a mish mash of vintage chairs
a faux parisian lamp post

graffiti around the side with extra seating

unfortunately we’d just had lunch so we didn’t get a chance to try the food or coffee there, will go back soon!

44 Montague Rd, South Brisbane, 4101




we went to the Yayoi Kusama at GOMA
so fun : ) but the actual exhibition wasn’t as great as the MCA one!

go into the room where you can patch on your own spots!

kinda reminds me of the DesignPox project I did a while ago

little wonderland downstairs made from …. FOOD!

HUGE resin art by Dinosaur Designs

now back to work



Happy Hallowe’en

being a ghost is hard work

I need to work on a better shape and bigger sheets next year : )

 my new work space at home!
daddy converted the garage into a makeshift studio now
and also I guess he’s tired of my crap strewn all over the place every time I get a new
art project or freelance haha

I miss my shoes in Sydney …..

I really need to find a place to store my crap up here!

when I get more wall space I will collect more tea towels

discovered these Moomin chocolate cookies

OH SO DELICIOUS! very light and airy… and almost too cute to eat! nomnomnom

an exciting freelance project I’m working on
check out the latest food rating site Brisbane Bites!
in collaboration with my good friend Kenneth (who’s now a CSS king I believe)

oh dreamweaver you….

: )

we aim to bring a fun food guide
and introduce readers to all the lovely new cafes and restaurants that are popping up in Brisvegas!

I will be posting there (hopefully) regularly too with food reviews!

A type of show

Bumped into Wing at Tokyo Bike : ) !

he told me about this cool show he and some friends put together

Impressive line up in A Kind of Gallery
even Vince Frost blogged about his work !

My favourite piece

I’m just a sucker for cursive fonts and laser cut wood

If I curated a show and Sagmeister contributed some work and then blogged about
how cool my show was I would just die !!!! : D