Central Park Sydney & Fraser Studios

From time to time I’d pop over to this area for a wander.

 I love being able to keep tabs on the changes happening in cities.
That’s why I wander and re-wander over the same alleyways to see if hey there might be a new stencil here
or just today I spotted
Ampersand cafe opened a second space next to the Surryhills Library !

 So! Good things have been happening at Fraser studios (photographed above)

A few years back we were trekking through this derelict area to get to Glebe markets,
(before the influx of fake Guccis and I-pod bling bling accessories)
and then we were fortunate enough to visit a studio space set up by
one of our design tutors Trent Jansen with Design By Them in Chippendale
And then a lofty garage cafe / vintage furniture Shapiro Auctioneer  secretly sprouted
where you got to eat below a towering surgical lamp
and watch the jars of homemade pickles rattle as the barista ran up and down the kitchen
(by kitchen I mean a makeshift bench propped a few steps higher)
with our coffee orders
the White Rabbit Gallery launched,
(with the most breath taking collection of contemporary Asian art)
round about the same time they started the construction of ‘Central Park’

which leads me to the topic of this post

Frasers Property have introduced a new initiative to make creative use of vacant warehouse space in the old Kent Brewery development site, on Broadway. From September 2008, three warehouses at 10-14 Kensington Street, Chippendale will be temporarily transformed into a multi-disciplinary art space.

This unique project sees Frasers Property work alongside local arts organisation Queen Street Studio to produce a creative program of activity till September 2011.”

It’s a damn fine idea, the temporary sharing of space for different community usage
It creates such interesting happenings and vibrant diversities in the city
and this flexibility of space use is much more sustainable
-isn’t it wonderful that old places could be preserved instead of us knocking them down
to make way for yet another hip but boring Westfield? : P

There are so many forgotten places in Sydney that’s been left to waste away
They could start by transforming some spaces in the Newtown train station for example.

 I was here to see the A3 Print show presented by Illustrators Australia

Brook Andrew, ‘Local Memory’