Grand Hyatt Cafe

Was utterly impressed by the buffet lunch at the new Grand Hyatt on Hanoi Rd !
Extremely well priced at 200 HKD per head : )

beautifully merchandized and so much detail was placed into the presentation of food

Best Indian fish curry ever!

my ice tea was slices of lemon with an ice cream in between each slice to great a cascading tea!

a mountain of seafoooddddd

their napoleon is a MUST try! : D


Linguini Fini

my good old foodie friend Leo took me here for lunch today (hurray!)

“Linguini, from the Italian word ‘lingua’ meaning tongue, and
Fini – meaning fine or of superior skill and quality”

Linguini Fini is another brainchild of successful restaurateurs Todd Darling and Robert Spina
rustic New York Italian cuisine that boasts the use of the finest
‘locally grown, organic hand-picked produce, sustainable seafood, and all-natural meats, rice and pasta’
they are exclusively supplied by  Homegrown Foods
(another one of their great initiatives, see for further details)

sourcing food that are locally grown from farms around Hong Kong,
which helps to shorten their carbon footprint & supports the local communities

(and frankly, is much safer to eat than produce from ze motherland, haha)

I squealed at their grungy New York oft interiors that had splashes of StartfromZero
(which warrants my squealing)

cutest toilet wallpaper ever!

ground floor : The Bar


We were so engrossed in conversation that I had …
[needs to be flogged]
but that means I’ll just have to revisit it haha

Leo had the salt cured egg genovese & I had the dried shrimp diavola linguini
it was definitely delizioso!

This is an impeccably well considered brand;
I was immediately drawn to their collateral the moment I walked into their space

their staff had matching aprons & uniforms that were equally well designed!
(have really begun to notice & appreciate all these little details that makes up a brand, many thanks to my talented SHIFU!)

a must visit!

G/F / 1/F, The L Place,
139 Queen’s Rd, Central, HK

Gareth Pugh x Melissa

why hello……

I almost had a stroke in the Gareth Pugh store
it was so sexy… so sexy that I’m typing in italics … haha

I saw it open last year but didn’t get a chance to wander in
the MMM and Ann Dem stores were equally mmm but Pugh was just

oh . la . la .

anyway :

quite a steal, and they smell like candy (literally)


ooo yes…..  handmade, dense silver from an atelier
$40 aud .

I love Hong Kong to bits