Saturday in Design (Part 3)

  saw a mini catwalk event

I love it when obscure brands launch their products in some bars or alleyway

and more on SID 2011 :


liquorice planters

innovative ways of displaying food with cactus!
here the cactus was grown with chocolate and coffee beans

took one of these babies home! makes indoor planting so easy

it’s like a dance floor


Graffiti spotted!

hey hey hey! Also saw Start from Zero

some spray-action



The top of our heads caught on camera and translated into carpet patterns

Pop up gallery!

Vikings !


Knitted in Design

The Granny Project!
saw these beautiful lampshades at Insitu
big stitch knits are so cute!
if they weren’t so hard to keep clean I’d buy stitched wool stools and huge throws and lampshades !

and after brunch we wandered around Pyrmont and saw another one of those kickass knitted trees!

done by the girls at FrockU Sundays


the girls kindly showed us how they did it!
you measure the diameter of the tree / lamp post
and then stretch a scarf over it and sew it up !

 (reminds me of the Kings Cross public art project a few years back)

some crafternoon ideas : )