A type of show

Bumped into Wing at Tokyo Bike : ) !

he told me about this cool show he and some friends put together

Impressive line up in A Kind of Gallery
even Vince Frost blogged about his work !

My favourite piece

I’m just a sucker for cursive fonts and laser cut wood

If I curated a show and Sagmeister contributed some work and then blogged about
how cool my show was I would just die !!!! : D



Cafe Giulia


There’s more Saturday in Design to update

but I’m getting distracted by the amount of food pictures I have

so I’ll go back to it later

forever a bustling hub! this was breakfast at Cafe Giulia
an old favourite of mine!

it is a comfort to go back to the same cafe after a few years
and the food’s just as good, and decor is the same
and time seems to have stood still.


Saturday in Design (Part 3)

  saw a mini catwalk event

I love it when obscure brands launch their products in some bars or alleyway

and more on SID 2011 :


liquorice planters

innovative ways of displaying food with cactus!
here the cactus was grown with chocolate and coffee beans

took one of these babies home! makes indoor planting so easy

it’s like a dance floor


Graffiti spotted!

hey hey hey! Also saw Start from Zero

some spray-action



The top of our heads caught on camera and translated into carpet patterns

Pop up gallery!

Vikings !

Redfern Seasonal Concept

I want to live here forever and ever
stroking my pet giraffe (priced at $3500, or 10% of RPP for rental)

Seasonal Concepts is one of my favourite vintage spots
along with Doug up on Bourke , Lost and Found Market  & Woollongabba Antique Center

(which I will blog about later!)

Seasonal Concepts isn’t a very enticing name
and it is hidden amongst a row of dilapidated shops
which makes finding it even more satisfying and delightful


I often wonder how businesses of this nature manage to make money
I picture the shop owners to be eccentric millionaires
and their shops are more like an act of philanthropy,
to share with the public a museum of their cherished finds
(the likes of me drooling and wanting to buy everything)
but increasingly boutiques have picked up the trend of visual merchandising with
natural oddities, taxidermy, old cashiers and lab equipments.

Cool bobbin stand
I’d use it as a wine stand though

Since I stole  found those test tubes from Classique I have reason to buy a test tube rack!

chicken!!!! cheeekkkannnnn

hello pony

OMG my two loves merged into one
a dandy fox sporting a top hat

old radio valves

what my work station would look like : )

hello gigantic Kewpies!

The last time we stumbled upon this little hole of treasures we couldn’t get any photos,
but I kept describing it to friends as like falling through the rabbit hole
with all mannequin heads and glowing jars and vases stacked on
uneven shelves all the way up to the ceiling
and many happy creatures on the wall

Seasonal Concepts 

122 Redfern Street
Redfern, NSW 2016

Knitted in Design

The Granny Project!
saw these beautiful lampshades at Insitu
big stitch knits are so cute!
if they weren’t so hard to keep clean I’d buy stitched wool stools and huge throws and lampshades !

and after brunch we wandered around Pyrmont and saw another one of those kickass knitted trees!

done by the girls at FrockU Sundays


the girls kindly showed us how they did it!
you measure the diameter of the tree / lamp post
and then stretch a scarf over it and sew it up !

 (reminds me of the Kings Cross public art project a few years back)

some crafternoon ideas : )