Redfern Seasonal Concept

I want to live here forever and ever
stroking my pet giraffe (priced at $3500, or 10% of RPP for rental)

Seasonal Concepts is one of my favourite vintage spots
along with Doug up on Bourke , Lost and Found Market  & Woollongabba Antique Center

(which I will blog about later!)

Seasonal Concepts isn’t a very enticing name
and it is hidden amongst a row of dilapidated shops
which makes finding it even more satisfying and delightful


I often wonder how businesses of this nature manage to make money
I picture the shop owners to be eccentric millionaires
and their shops are more like an act of philanthropy,
to share with the public a museum of their cherished finds
(the likes of me drooling and wanting to buy everything)
but increasingly boutiques have picked up the trend of visual merchandising with
natural oddities, taxidermy, old cashiers and lab equipments.

Cool bobbin stand
I’d use it as a wine stand though

Since I stole  found those test tubes from Classique I have reason to buy a test tube rack!

chicken!!!! cheeekkkannnnn

hello pony

OMG my two loves merged into one
a dandy fox sporting a top hat

old radio valves

what my work station would look like : )

hello gigantic Kewpies!

The last time we stumbled upon this little hole of treasures we couldn’t get any photos,
but I kept describing it to friends as like falling through the rabbit hole
with all mannequin heads and glowing jars and vases stacked on
uneven shelves all the way up to the ceiling
and many happy creatures on the wall

Seasonal Concepts 

122 Redfern Street
Redfern, NSW 2016